Abstract Face


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  • 48.00 x 36.00 in

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This abstract painting depicts emotional content that makes life whole, and a lot of abstraction that has no connection with people. Abstraction is real, probably more real than nature. A painting or sculpture not modeled on any real object is every bit as actual and opulent as a folio or a stone but it is an incomplete art which privileges the intellect to the detriment of the senses. Painting is a duality and abstract painting is an entirely aesthetic thing. It always remains on one level. It is only really interesting in the beauty of its patterns or its shapes. Abstract art today needs no defense. It has become one of the many ways to paint or carve or model. But it is not yet a kind of art which people like without some study and some sacrifice of prejudice. The opportunity for success as an artist lies within self.  To see a painting is to see life and feel life.  The advisable goal is painting something that reaches out to someone else.  To paint something that turns another's day into a day of grace just by looking at the painting.  It helps to cave in some of the pain one may be feel.  It offers a type of healing.


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