Buddha and Peacock


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Gautam Buddha has undoubtedly been treated as a messenger of peace and artists create Buddha paintings which instantly bring peace and harmony in the ambient. Buddha, a symbol of peace, has been colored in blue along with a peacock. The surroundings takes the color of peacock blue color and this Buddha painting depicts calmness in everything. Religion plays an important part in the well-being of everyone and people find solace under the umbrella of God. It is highly recommended to place religious paintings and statues of God in the home. According to the Hindu mythology, there are four primary goals of life on earth, and each human being should aspire to achieve them. Everyone should aim for dharmaartha, or wealth acquired through the pursuit of a profession; kama, or human and sexual love; and, finally, moksha, or spiritual salvation. Religious paintings like Radha Krishna paintings, Ganesha paintings, Lord Krishna paintings, Buddha paintings, among others bring peace and prosperity in one’s life. Buy paintings online from ArtsNyou, an online art gallery and make this painting a part of the overall home decor. This would be an asset to your fine art collection which will enhance any home decor and will make your wall lively. If you are looking for fabulous gift online and looking for unique paintings, your search ends here. Buy paintings online from ArtsNyou online art gallery for complete home decor solutions.


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