Life and its Monents 4


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Soft/Dry pastel painting(16 X 12 inch) in Chart paper - Capturing Sunset. This painting shows an old lighthouse captured during sunset , the effect of the same and shadow has been shown here.

The artist-Amit Chakraborty is a water colour enthusiast who loves using vibrant colours and   has done lot of work using nature and tradition as his theme. This special series of paintings is his interpretation of various avatars of Ganesha using a special variety of imported colors which gives the painting a unique feel. Amit’s typical painting style is his playing of light and shadow in his paintings, his maintaining colour purity   and not using the wash and wash technique but highlighting a special colour and focusing on that. His strokes are distinct and lend his pictures the look they have. Apart from water colours Amit   uses various mediums like Oil painting, Acrylic, Poster color, Charcoal, pencil shading, Pastels, Crock oil, Spray, sketches, etc. Watercolor and charcoal being his specialty.

Hailing from the cultural hub of Kolkata personally Amit has been a natural art lover and gifted artist since his childhood. His talent was discovered at the age of 5 and he was given exposure to art and taught by renounced artists like Vikash Bhattachaya, Ganesh Pain and Sanat Kar to name a few. He has been  a consistent participant and winner at various completions at school/ college/ National level – All India Camlin competition, West Bengal Inter district completion, Interschool completion, etc. Amit was admitted to KalaVavan at Shantiniketan - Tagores’ own University for a Degree in Bachelor of Arts.


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