Ganesha 13


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  • 11.00 x 8.64 in
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  • 28.00 x 44.00 in

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Price Rs. 8830

Final Size: 11.00 x 8.64 in.

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Product Code : 0000004525
Water Color painting(44 X 28 inch) in 200 GSM Chart paper - Team Ganesha composing music. The artist here has shown Ganesha in multiple avatars enjoying music as a group. The highlight is the main ganesha in red and the background also has more of red to reemphasize the Main ganesha. The other ganeshas are in various colours and this painting is a brilliant display of colours by the artist in a unique concept.This painting will be ideal for homes and offices given the signficance of ganesha in our lives.


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