Artist's Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why ArtsNyou?

  • is a leading name in buying and selling paintings, vases, art prints and other home decor products; with an exemplary collection of over 2000 products in its gamut.
  • gets more than 1,500 unique visitors each day which surely is going to give you the cutting edge as compared to others. We are looking forward to have a long term strategic partnership with you by showcasing your items on our website.
  • With affordability to masses, unbeatable quality and timely delivery as three pillars, ArtsNyou is progressing well to become the most preferred destination for buying and selling home decor and specialize in every home decor stream.
  • We provide rich framing interface for buyers that are interested in your paintings. Buyer can select the most suitable frame from our large collection and the screen updates instantly with a new preview and an updated price.
  • We print your image with high quality ink and only when you agrees to sell prints of your paintings. It helps you maintain continues royalty inflows on every sale.

Once the order is confirmed by the buyer; we process the payment, we give notification to you about the order placed, we pack the order, we insure the shipping against damage, we track the shipment with the help of a code, we deliver the order on time, and process your payment on the 28th of each month.


2. Upload Good Quality Images of your painting

(Mantra - Paintings touch heart through eyes)

Do Not Enlarge Your Images

There is misconception that enlarging your images in Photoshop or any other photo-editing program will make them better.  When you enlarge an image, it becomes bulk, blocky, and unprintable.  The small image that appears on our website will still look OK, but when you zoom in and look at the high resolution version, you'll see that it's blurry and blocky. If you want a larger image, then you need to purchase DSLR or High resolution scanner.

Do Not Use File Compression

When you save an image as a JPEG file, you have an option to "compress" the image.   The image quality is reduced.   If you apply too much compression, your image will become blurry, blocky, and unprintable.   You'll only notice these problems if you zoom in on your high-resolution image.    Best bet - don't compress your images, at all.   When saving your images as JPEG files, make sure that you select the highest possible quality setting (i.e. lowest possible compression setting). We recommend uploading images within size range of 2MB to 10 MB.

Make Sure Your Cropping is OK

One of the biggest mistakes is to upload images as you have clicked them. Make sure that your images are cropped correctly. Absolutely everything that appears in your images will appear in your prints.   That means, if you forget to crop your image tight enough and there is a tiny sliver of the wall showing in the corner of your image, your buyers will return your prints and ask for a refund. Please take the time to zoom in on your images and make sure that they are cropped perfectly. You may crop a little more if images sidelines are getting curved, a usual problem if low quality camera are used for taking pictures.

Check for Even Illumination/Flash Glare

Avoid Flash. Fill the room with ambient light or natural light. You can't simply take a snapshot using the flash from your digital camera. You have to take steps to ensure that your entire piece is evenly illuminated.   You can set up external lights. You can use a flat-bed scanner. You can even use outdoor sunlight.

Check for Clicking Angle

Always stand in front of your painting while clicking the object. Camera lens should be parallel and face painting without any tilt. Try to be as still as possible to avoid blurs. If paintings are on the floor, sit down to take the perfect snap. If it is higher the eye level, take them to eye level before clicking photographs.


3. Upload with ‘Title’ and ‘Description’

(Mantra – Words enhance the beauty of the painting)

Title – Effective title to the paintings help user looking for something on Google, Yahoo, etc. reach to your painting much easily and help them understand what the painting is about. It help in getting more user views of your painting and help in much better sales prospects.

Description – A brief description about the painting will not only keep the users interested but also much more effectively communicate ideas which artist had in their mind for the paintings. It help user decide and make conscious decision.


4. Charges/Commission framework

ArtsNyou provides free listing of high quality products that are used for Home Decoration on its website. Charges would range from 15% to 20% (depending who is bearing the cost of logistics, ArtsNyou or the merchant) of the net sales price which would be deducted and rest of the payment will be credited to merchants’ account.

Things which will impact and have a bearing on mutual consent are:

  • Logistics arrangements
  • Packaging Quality

In case of paintings: ArtsNyou provides royalty to painters who agree to sell art prints of their original work. In that case, the artist will get 15% of the total sales value as commission on each sale. ArtsNyou will take care of the printing, framing and logistics charges.


5. Logistics

All logistic arrangements for delivery of the Product to the Customer shall be handled by the Merchant and in that case, ArtsNyou will not be responsible for any logistic arrangements. However, ArtsNyou can arrange for the logistics only if our logistic partner (BlueDart) is available near merchants' location


6. Customer Policy compliance

In case, customer rejects the product due to logistics breakage or other qualitative/quantitative aspects of the product, the merchant will have to bear the cost. ArtsNyou will not charge any commission on such sold products but logistics cost and product related costs will need to be borne by the merchant.