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ArtsNyou - meSleep wall paper is made with high quality water active sheet of high density. The wall papers by meSleep are very easy to install, with patented water active technology which activates the glue only when it comes in contact with water. So just spray some water and put up the wall paper on the wall, remove the bubbles spread it till you get a perfect fit and let it stay for 12-24 hours, post which the wall paper will make your wall glow. These wall papers protect your walls from dirt, minor scratches & dullness, increasing its life. Specification: Dimensions (W x H)- 40 x 120 Inches | 3.3x10 Feet (34 Sq Feet) Instructions for application: 1. Make sure your wall is clean. Wipe it off with a soft cloth. The wall should be free of dust, fat or grease - otherwise the wall paper may not stick to your wall as well as it's supposed to. 2. Take the measurement of the applying area 3. Trim the exact size before applying with a blade/scissors 4. Take a spray and spray the wall paper with water, till the time the hand runs smoothly on its surface. 5. Align the wall paper on your wall, take care that you put it on straight and in the exact position that you want to place it. The best part you can still move it around for a good fit. 6. Proceed carefully with the use of a clean cloth and/or a plastic card (i.e. ATM card) to assure no air bubbles remain. Though the patented water active technology assures you of no bubbling on the surface. With NO EXTRA EXPENDITURE, The FIRST TRUE DIY (DO IT YOURSELF) WALLPAPER.


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