Amazing set of 4 piece - Sunset scene - ArtsNyou paintings


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  • 24.00 x 11.00 in
  • 48.00 x 22.00 in
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  • Art print

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Price Rs. 5917

Final Size: 24.00 x 11.00 in.

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Product Code : 0000001674

Wonderful Set - Beautifully crafted and designed to lighten of your home. Build with high quality durable colors, laminated for water resistance and framed with long durability synthetic wooden frames.

Crafted to bring uniqueness to your home walls, giving them richness you deserve. This printed paiting showcase Sunset Scene when the sky is filledwith the red color, a way of saying goodbye to the beautiful day and welcoming the night.

This set contains:

11 by 24 inch SET

2 pieces (vertical)      - 11 inch by 24 inch

2 pieces (horizontal) - 11 inch by 14 inch

22 by 48 inch SET

2 pieces (vertical)      - 22 inch by 48 inch

2 pieces (horizontal) - 22 inch by 28 inch


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